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If you think your business could use a boost, reach out to 1Digital® and we’ll give your brand the recognition it deserves. Take a look at our various services for SEO, PPC and custom web design. We can work together to find out what 1Digital® can do for you. We are the BigCommerce partner that you have been looking for and that can make the difference for your business.

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BigCommerce Design

Getting the design of your BigCommerce website right requires a full understanding of the platform, and it is critical to your success to have the best design. With 1Digital® Agency, you get the BigCommerce designer you deserve with the expertise to give you a professional design that can make the difference between a bounce and a sale. We certainly know which one we prefer. As an Elite BigCommerce partner designing BigCommerce stores since 2012, our team of BigCommerce website designers will get your store off the ground and have it flourishing in no time.

A BigCommerce Design Agency

1Digital® is a BigCommerce website design agency that puts a focus on eCommerce stores and merchants. Our BigCommerce website designers have many years of experience in designing BigCommerce stores that are professional and appealing and we have clients in many verticals from B2C to B2B. We take serious merchants with successful BigCommerce stores and amplify the client’s strategy to achieve greater success. Our professional graphic designers primarily design for BigCommerce stores and know exactly what helps merchants succeed.

How a BigCommerce Designer Can Improve Your eCommerce Website

For merchants that have built their eCommerce stores on BigCommerce, the good news is that BigCommerce offers tons of free themes, is compatible with countless plugins via its relatively open API, and provides a relatively user-friendly backend admin panel.

However, this eCommerce platform, partly due to its capability, is equally complex. Its complexity makes it difficult to customize any of its features. Downloading and installing BigCommerce themes or adjusting site features like mega menus might be easy for some tech-savvy eCommerce merchants when the site is new and has only a handful of products or categories to manage. Once the operation grows, making even the slightest tweaks without causing a disruption is a challenge.

Therein lies much of the value of a BigCommerce designer – specifically an Elite eCommerce agency partner like 1Digital Agency. If you’re on the fence about whether or not a professional web designer or developer can help you, here are some benefits that make it worth it.

Experience with the Platform

Making basic adjustments to a BigCommerce website’s design can be fairly straightforward. There are plenty of free themes and even more premium themes that can be installed in a fairly straightforward manner. Website text, carousels, categories, and products can all be added and adjusted in a fairly straightforward manner from an easy-to-access back end.

However, customizing any of the features of these templates, or of a BigCommerce website’s design can quickly become very difficult. Without an in-depth understanding of the platform or its tools, or without any coding experience, it is difficult if not impossible to make any meaningful customizations to a BigCommerce website. Adjusting color, graphics, text, plug-ins and other functionality requires extensive experience with the platforms.

1Digital Agency’s team of BigCommerce designers has many years of experience managing and customization BigCommerce websites. Since 2012, we’ve been creating brand-aligned, user-experience optimized, revitalized eCommerce sites for our clients – and our Client Portfolio shows the proof.

Improve Customer Navigation

A dedicated BigCommerce partner for custom design work can also help you optimize your website’s navigation, which is one of the core aspects of functionality affecting the user experience, specifically the customer journey toward conversion. Fortunately, design work on your website’s navigation can improve the look and feel of your website while facilitating sales, in one fell swoop.

Your ability to manage a mega menu, for example, will be in part affected by the theme you’ve chosen to install. Many themes offer mega menus that are relatively easy to manipulate when it comes to adding or adjusting products or categories. Creating advanced mega menus with nested subcategories and countless entries becomes more difficult. Unfortunately, the more complex and involved the navigation process is, the more the user experience will start to suffer.

A BigCommerce designer can create a complex, advanced mega menu for your BigCommerce store, that is brand-aligned, contains helpful imagery to aid in navigation, and is nested logically so as to provide a pleasant experience.

Create a Brand Integrated Look

Brand managers take great pain to ensure everything from font-weight to the nuances of colors in borders are carefully aligned with the brand image. An eCommerce website must be a reflection of your brand image, even in its most subtle features.

These are the features – borders, font sizing, arrangement, color, logos, and other visual elements – that constitute the branded experience afforded to your eCommerce store. Without uniting them seamlessly, your website might still offer a pleasant user experience, but it will dilute the value of your brand.

They are also features that are difficult to manipulate without extensive experience with either the platform itself or with coding. Adjusting these “fixed” features of most templates requires significant experience, which our BigCommerce developers and designers have. They can create a better brand-integrated BigCommerce website for your online store.

Stay Current with Developing Trends in eCommerce

One of the prevailing trends in eCommerce design right now is the centrality of a fully responsive design to the success of most eCommerce merchants, almost without respect to industry. Not only is it critical for SEO, but few factors impact the user experience like a quality responsive website that has a mobile-friendly design.

Most eCommerce merchants should get used to the fact that increasing numbers of their visitors will be entering from mobile channels. Desktop websites simply don’t display nicely on mobile devices, and despite the fact that many BigCommerce themes have mobile-friendly responsive designs, sometimes the real, human expertise of a BigCommerce designer is necessary to make fine adjustments to ensure scroll-friendliness or even the balance of text and images. These are changes that are difficult for anyone but experienced web designers to make.

Prevent website issues and potentially save money

Another excellent reason to hire a designer that has extensive experience with your platform is that they can help address bugs when they arise or prevent them entirely. Sometimes, making minor tweaks in a website’s backend doesn’t present issues until you make the changes live, at which point any of incalculable unforeseen issues might manifest in the changes. Worse than this, it’s sometimes impossible to go back and undo the changes if you aren’t sure how you made them. Sometimes attempting to make a fix results in even more bugs.

Not only can a dedicated partner for web design help prevent or fix issues associated with design work, partnering with a web design specialist is also the more scalable solution. With fewer resources, and in less time, a qualified eCommerce web designer can make meaningful changes to your website design. They’ll also serve as a consultative partner you can call on in the future to help with ongoing design work.

A BigCommerce designer can positively influence your SEO strategy

Another great reason to work with a qualified BigCommerce designer actually has to do with your digital marketing strategies, specifically SEO. Specialists that are familiar with the BigCommerce platform know how to make changes to your website design without adversely affecting SEO initiatives. In some instances, they may even be able to improve them.

On the one hand, is the matter of user behavior and how it affects SEO. Whether metrics like bounce rate, time on page, average session duration and pages per session may not directly be ranking signals, they are metrics that at the very minimum have a splash effect on SEO. The more users interact favorably with your website, the more it will signal to Google that your website should be indexed and ranked favorably.

Some designers may also be able to directly impact the search engine optimization of your BigCommerce website as they work on it. Features like metadata, URL slugs, and other ranking signals, (which are relevant when doing design work on a web page) can all be adjusted by a BigCommerce specialist to be optimized for your SEO campaigns. It’s not design work, specifically, but a designer that is versed in BigCommerce’s backend may be able to help with it nonetheless.

Keep Ahead of Your Competition

Another excellent reason to work with a designer that has experience with your eCommerce platform is simply to stay competitive. Just as your competitors will be constantly trying to out-research, out-develop, and out-market you, they’ll also be constantly looking for ways to improve their own customer experiences with redesigns and new developments. The better the UX of your competitors’ websites, the more you have to contend with. Effective design work, especially on a rolling basis to keep your website experience fresh, can help your eCommerce business remain competitive if only to keep stride with the competition. Strategic design work can even give you an advantage and entice your users to spend more time on your website.

Why Choose Us for Your BigCommerce Development?

If you want the best for your BigCommerce store, you want to put your business in the hands of the most talented BigCommerce web designers. We are one of the top digital agencies in the country that handles BigCommerce design, development and digital marketing services. We are certified Elite BigCommerce partners and our BigCommerce designers, developers and marketing team have a complete knowledge and understanding of the platform. Our work truly speaks for itself.

What should you be looking for in a BigCommerce designer? Check their portfolio and read reviews to see if they are qualified. Have they designed a lot of BigCommerce stores? Do they work with BigCommerce developers? See how well their example sites operate to learn more about the quality of the design. These are the things that should be considered and questions that should be asked before you hire a BigCommerce designer. You may find many designers online, but you need one that meets all qualifications. At 1Digital® Agency, we have the experts that can give you a great BigCommerce website design to create a beautiful online store that thrives.

is a Top BigCommerce Design Agency

Serious About BigCommerce?

Are you new to eCommerce or have you been around it long term? At 1Digital® Agency, eCommerce is an ongoing lifestyle. We live and breathe eCommerce projects every second of every day. It is why we are leading in the industry and why people trust us as a BigCommerce designer, developer and digital marketing team. We love working with companies that share the same enthusiasm and excitement for eCommerce that we do and allow up to bring success to current and future projects and relationships.

The Edge Your eCommerce Site Needs

Think of setting up your BigCommerce store as an art form, and 1Digital® is a renowned artist. One misplaced brush stroke could destroy the balance of your site and only a hack would make that mistake. If your BigCommerce website design is too simple, people might call your art unimaginative. Your BigCommerce eCommerce store deserves a feeling of zen, of absolute balance, especially if you’re funneling money into BigCommerce SEO. 1Digital® can help you achieve this balance and meet face to face with a masterpiece.

Expert BigCommerce Developers

1Digital® Agency is the digital agency for you if you are looking for total commitment to developing a powerful BigCommerce website that ranks well. We have been an elite BigCommerce partner since our inception in 2012 and our developers have grown and evolved with the platform over the years. With over 100 BigCommerce projects developed, 1Digital® Agency has the master developers you need to reach your website’s fullest potential.

Successful BigCommerce Stores

At 1Digital® Agency, our portfolio is full of BigCommerce success stories. From BigCommerce website design to development to digital marketing, data migration, coding, customization and support, 1Digital® can do it all! Check out our BigCommerce client portfolio to see the various websites we have helped design, develop and market. Be sure to also check out our other projects for a full scope on what 1Digital® can do for you!

BigCommerce Experts at 1Digital®

If you need to reshape your BigCommerce store into what you envision, you need someone who is a BigCommerce expert. You need 1Digital® Agency. Whether you need a new BigCommerce website design, development or SEO, our BigCommerce web designers have the expertise to build a website you will be proud of. Whatever your eCommerce goals are, 1Digital® can help make those dreams into reality. If your business could use a boost from 1Digital® Agency and our BigCommerce designers, developers and digital marketing team, contact us today. We are an Elite BigCommerce partner.

BigCommerce Enterprise

Help your high volume BigCommerce store by employing the use of BigCommerce Enterprise features. 1Digital® can create a beautiful custom design for enterprise level BigCommerce stores. Check out our portfolio to see examples of our work with BigCommerce Enterprise clients.

1Digital® eCommerce Services