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A Dated-Looking Online Store Can Cause Higher Abandonment Rate

We can identify where to inject new life and excitement as well as create a stronger perception of trust and credibility. A strong, consistent brand is one of many keys to success. Your brand is more than just a logo and a couple of colors – it is a holistic experience that you provide to your customers through your products and services. That experience is directly tied to the design and layout of your website. With years of experience designing brands and websites for our clients, we’re using that unique experience to offer you a brand audit to give you an objective overview of your brand’s performance and integration into your site.

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User Experience

As a brand is a total experience, the manner in which visitors interact with your website will affect their perception of your brand. It’s critical that your website not only presents visuals and content aligned with the value of your product offerings but that your website fosters the same overall feeling in your users that your products do.

Your website should present your products consistently with the value your brand wishes to communicate. Your design should incorporate the visual features and aesthetics of your brand. It should be easily navigable. It should offer valuable content through which the voice of your brand speaks out. All of these things and more affect the way customers will perceive your brand, and we can offer indispensable insight into them.

  • Brand Presence
  • Target Audience Relevance
  • Delight Factor
  • Uniqueness
  • Communication of Value
  • Brand Accessibility
  • Foundation of Credibility
  • Reachability

Sample Assessment Scores for User Experience

User Experience (before working with 1Digital®)


Best Score: 9 (combined maximum from 3 sample criteria)

see transformation

Brand Presence: 1

0: no efforts; brand absence
1: weak; inconsistent
2: clear; consistent
3: strong presence & clarity

Target Audience: 1

0: no targeting
1: generic; impersonal
2: partial targeting
3: focused & defined targeting

Age of Site Design: 1

0: behind 10+ years
1: behind 4 – 8 years
2: behind 2 – 3 years
3: on par with current trends

There Are No Shortcuts When It Comes To eCommerce Design Quality

We Assign an Actual Web Designer to Appraise Your Online Store

Since our eCommerce Brand audit isn’t an automated process, you would get the results back in 24 to 48 hours. Our lead eCommerce web designer would take time to interact with your site and see it not only from a professional point of view but from a customer’s. Our team will evaluate your site’s design for brand integration and communication of brand value. They navigate your website from the perspective of a user to see how seamlessly your website and your brand image flow together. After a thorough investigation, they will score your website on the points of UX and UI outlined here.

User Interface & Usability

The way you design your website with your brand image in mind will have farther reaching influence than just the user experience it offers. The way users interact with your website, whether to find products or research information, will affect how they perceive your brand as well.

Your website doesn’t just need to provide valuable and relevant results to their searches for solutions. It must also be easy to navigate. It must present products in a light that is reflective of the value in your brand. It must elicit information from your users in a manner that uncovers their needs for your products and then offers up the solution. All of this must be done using channels incorporated into the design of your website that keep the image of your brand in mind. Our brand audit experts will assess your website accounting for these factors that will affect your UI and Usability to give you an objective score so you can see where you’re hitting the mark, and where you can capitalize on opportunities.

  • Navigational Flow
  • Information Hierarchy
  • Responsiveness
  • Product Presentation
  • Interactivity
  • Ease of Use
  • Consistency In Design
  • Graphic Engagement

Sample Assessment Scores for UI & Usability

UI & Usability (before working with 1Digital®)


Best Score: 9 (combined maximum from 3 sample criteria)

see transformation

Navigational Flow: 1

0: unclear; confusing
1: ambiguous categorization
2: functioning; few broken
3: high functioning, consistent

Responsiveness: 1

0: none
1: low responsiveness
2: limited
3: full responsiveness

Ease of Use: 1

0: unusable
1: ambiguous interactivity
2: average functioning
3: intuitive; user-centric

1Digital® is a Multi-Aspect eCommerce Design Agency

All you need to empower your online store

Branding & Logo Design

Your entire design language flows from branding & logo design. We make sure it gets off on the right foot, with versatile, modern branding designs. More »

Web Site Redesign

Our web designers modernize older sites by applying the newest thinking in eCommerce web design, engagement, and conversion. More »

Responsive Design

We know how crucial the responsive experience is for eCommerce. All 1Digital® sites are laid out to fit perfectly on any screen. More »

Newsletter Design

It’s crucial to standardize your branding everywhere you interact with your customers. Our custom newsletter designs help your marketing harmonize perfectly. More »

Premium eCommerce Templates

For merchants looking to update the look and feel of their eCommerce websites, premium templates are a suitable and cost-effective alternative to custom web design. More »

Packaging Design & Product Branding

Our design team will update and refresh, extending the “brand visual vocabulary” to your packaging and creating a cohesive product line. More »

Merchandising Impact

Your website design presents you with plenty of opportunities to engage your customers, generate leads from customers to capture valuable information about your target audience and create a segmented design that will offer a custom experience to the different portions of your target market. As part of our brand audit process, we take an in-depth look into how users from different backgrounds can interact with the different segments of your website, as well as how you can capture valuable information to tackle your marketing initiatives.

A big portion of that enhanced user experience comes from how expertly the different facets of your image are integrated into the layout of your website. The visual impact your website has on your customers will affect the sales opportunities your web store presents. Promotions, cross-selling and upselling, segmented design and more will all present you with sales opportunities that you can leverage most effectively with a brand incorporated website design

  • Design to Engage
  • Lead Generation
  • Calls to Action (CTA)
  • Promotions
  • Cross-Sell
  • Upsell
  • Segmented Design
  • Visual Enticement

Sample Assessment Scores for Merchandising Impact

Merchandising Impact (before working with 1Digital®)


Best Score: 9 (combined maximum from 3 sample criteria)

see transformation

Design To Engage: 0

0: generic; unengaging
1: engaging imagery / text
2: intuitive interactive devices
3: offer customized experience

Calls To Action: 1

0: static; no CTA
1: generic CTA
2: customized CTA
3: full-content supported CTA

Promotions: 1

0: no promo
1: worded promo
2: stock image promo
3: customized promo graphics

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How Well Does Your eCommerce Brand Score?

If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits that a website well-aligned with your brand image can bring you, you’re losing out on a lot of potential. From the opportunity to add value to your products by cross-selling to the fact that a seamlessly integrated and branded web design will have on the overall customer experience your site offers, the suite of benefits that comes with an expertly branded website can’t be neglected.

Don’t fall prey to a web design that doesn’t communicate your brand value as well as it could. Our team of brand audit experts isn’t only experienced in branding and website design – they’re experienced in website design that effortlessly captures the value of a brand and communicates it through layout, experience and interaction. In addition, we take an integrated approach to appraisal and design. When we redesign your website to better align it with your brand image, we’ll make sure that any changes we make also improve your SEO so that you won’t just be providing an enhanced user experience, you’ll also be reaping the benefits of better visibility and higher traffic. Don’t leave money on the table – get a free brand audit from 1Digital Agency today.

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