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Boost Engagement and Kickstart Sales with Email Marketing Services!

Email marketing services can help you capture new leads, remarket to past leads, and keep current, engaging with existing customers. Email marketing can be highly customized and even automated, leveraging historical data about purchases and past behavior to curate messaging to generate the highest customer interest. Get started by contacting our email marketing experts today!

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Email marketing delivers one of the highest ROI of any eCommerce marketing activity. If you’re not actively building an email list and using it, you should be. 1Digital Agency can help by designing you an eCommerce newsletter that harmonizes with your brand and converts subscribers into customers. Our eCommerce email blasts are designed to be stylish, professional, and effective, with call to action copy that’s focused on conversion.

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Customizing Email Templates on Powerful Marketing Platforms

We’ll design your email template in HTML so you can use it again and again for all types of messaging. Whether your message is centered around products, promotions or just useful info, you can customize offers, images, and copy for all future email blasts.

1Digital Agency Partners with Klaviyo as our email marketing platform of choice. Klaviyo was created specifically for eCommerce email marketing and has a suite of tools that help us send your emails and evaluate their effectiveness, with eCommerce conversion in mind. They send your emails from a dedicated server to increase delivery rates and avoid spam folder. Klaviyo also makes it easy to segment your customer list and create dynamic email flows so you can send the right email, to the right person, at the right time.

1Digital® also partners with Mailchimp and Constant Contact, both of which deliver fantastic service at both the free and paid tiers. 1Digital®’s custom emails work great with both of these systems. Their analytics and reporting is straightforward and easy to manage, giving us lots of tools to hone a Mailchimp or Constant Contact campaign over time.

Email Marketing Integration with Major eCommerce Platforms

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Custom Design

1Digital® offers custom email designs to match your brand and voice. This involves a mockup template design process, in which you will have the opportunity to steer our designers in the direction you’d like to see for your email campaign. This is done in Photoshop so that revisions can be made before coding begins.

Custom Integration & Development

Utilizing your email service of choice, we’ll convert your Photoshop mockups to HTML/CSS. Each email will be adapted to various screen sizes to accommodate tablets and mobile phones. 1Digital® can also offer advanced responsive design to customize the mobile version of your email to the pixel.


The basis of any successful email campaign is flawless writing. You want to entice your audience with an alluring subject line and reel them in with an equally attractive call-to-action. With 1Digital®’s copywriting team at your disposal, your customers will enjoy the finest crafted emails available. In turn, you’ll enjoy the boost in sales.

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