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eCommerce PPC Audit and Management to Achieve Your Business Goals

We develop our PPC strategies by acquiring a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses. This enables our specialists to determine which actions drive the most revenue to the business and how that information aligns with their digital marketing footprint. Sophisticated targeting and account structure allow 1Digital® Agency to monitor Google Search Engine Results Pages for the most in-demand products that generate the greatest returns.

An eCommerce PPC Audit Provides In-Depth Analysis of Current Campaign Performance

A free eCommerce PPC Audit from our team will yield a variety of analytical insights into the performance of your standing PPC services or campaigns. The audit will yield information about keyword and PPC ad performance, landing page and conversion rate optimization, and much more, all with the goal of revealing the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

Cost vs Return

A free PPC campaign audit from a team of PPC specialists at 1Digital® will analyze the overall performance of your current ad campaign with the ultimate goal of identifying cost and return on ad spend (ROAS). In order to determine the best strategy to maximize your return on investment, we need to account for several major factors influencing the performance of your paid search campaigns.

Device Performance

Many online shoppers have a preference for tablets and mobile phones over desktops. Ads should be optimized according to the device on which they are expected to be viewed. A 1Digital® PPC Google Ad audit will peel back the layers of device performance so you can see just which ads result in the most conversions with respect to which type of device they are displayed on. That way, you can allocate exactly the funds you need to each, and no more.

Audience Targeting

Not all segments of your target audience will respond to the same ad variants alike. Customer groups can be segmented, for example, by age. Displaying the right ads, in the right places, to the right customers, can and will impact the performance of the campaign – and a free audit will show you how.

Location Targeting

Just like no two customer groups will respond the same way to the same ads, two similar demographic segments might respond differently to the same ad variant on the basis of their location. Our audit will account for PPC campaign performance with respect to where ads perform the best, enabling you to align and optimize your ad groups according to location.

6 month contract

A PPC campaign is a long term project of creating and refining ads, landing pages and engaging in continuous optimization, but that doesn’t mean the terms of your contract have to be long. At 1Digital®, we aim to impress. We get right to work on your PPC project, driving your ROI up and your CPA down.

That’s why we’ve made our original term of contract 6 months. We’re confidence that once you see the results we generate, you’ll want to partner with us for the long haul to continue bringing in new customers and driving up sales.

Product Performance

In addition to thorough keyword research, our PPC process involves an analysis of product performance. A PPC audit will deliver details associated with the performance of products that generate high search queries, high demand, and result in conversions. That will impact your Google ad and paid shopping campaign performance and an audit will show you precisely how.

Placement Performance

Where and how your ads appear, including at what day of the week and hour of the day, also has the ability to produce a pronounced impact on the success of your PPC campaign. Our audit will show you which ads and search terms result in conversions on which days, even down to the time of day, so that we can recommend adjustments for improvement.

Bid Strategy

The bid strategy you employ, whether fixed or dynamic, will impact how much you end up paying to display your ads. We’ll take a thorough, in-depth look at your current strategy to uncover areas you could improve conversions without a commensurate increase in cost.

Landing Pages

Excellent ad copy can be counterproduced by landing pages that lack optimized features. They should be well-aligned with the ad’s message or call-to-action as well as with the user’s expectations. If your ads generate clicks but your landing pages are the reason the click doesn’t convert, our PPC account audit will uncover where, why and how.

Search Terms and Keyword Performance

Keyword research is the basis of ad group and ad creation, and without targeting the right keywords, there’s a good chance your ad campaign will suffer. A PPC audit will analyze the keywords your campaign targets and will help expose the most valuable keywords to continue targeting, as well as if there are any that are not performing as expected.

Pay-Per-Click Traffic vs Sales

1Digital® Agency’s PPC experts understand that clicks may be the first step in the sales funnel of PPC campaigns, but they don’t always result in conversions. With eCommerce businesses investing so much trust in PPC management services to deliver results, it’s time a specialist lent you the insight you needed to get more from your investment.

A PPC audit is the first step in identifying the areas where your current PPC campaign is shining, as well as where it can be brought to a brighter luster. A detailed Google AdWords audit packed with useful, analytical information and actionable items is the first step to improvement. Get in touch with a 1Digital® Agency PPC Specialist to have your audit performed today.

Get a Free eCommerce PPC Audit

Work with a PPC campaign partner that you'll click with.