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A Results-Driven Volusion SEO Company

When we began offering custom SEO services to our clients in 2012, many of them were built on Volusion. Over the years, many eCommerce websites have migrated over to other platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. However, there are still many eCommerce stores built on Volusion, a platform that remains a practical option with many useful tools for eCommerce merchants.

The clients that have remained with Volusion still need to compete with the other players in their industries. To get ahead, a platform-centric approach that takes into account the nuances of Volusion will result in greater gains. Our Volusion SEO services take into account Volusion’s built-in SEO tools and features in order to further optimize websites built on the platform. Like other ecommerce platforms, Volusion exhibits idiosyncrasies that require expert insight to optimize.

If your online store is one of the many that have remained on Volusion, a custom built Volusion eCommerce SEO campaign will help get your website to the tops of the search results pages.

Volusion SEO Experts by 1Digital®

Our Volusion SEO experts have been working with this platform for many years and our experience with its unique features is unparalleled. We start with an audit of our client’s websites and then dive into the current standings of their key competitors in order to identify the most practical opportunities for our clients. Our team of digital marketers performs complete analyses of our clients’ eCommerce websites built on Volusion before making extensive changes to optimize them, even going so far as to analyze key competitor’s standings for relevant keywords. This enables them to rank more competitively for key search terms and keywords.

1Digital®‘s Volusion SEO experts dive into the details of Volusion websites, optimizing Volusion’s stores’ meta tags, titles, site structure, and more, ensuring that sitemaps and other necessary files are in place to enable search engines to crawl and index them favorably.

We also go to great lengths with our keywords research to ensure that we’ve selected the most advantageous mix of competitive and opportunistic keywords to start building better rankings and continue building them into the future.

Our Volusion SEO team also performs an SEO audit of each site to uncover and remove duplicate content and broken links and to disavow toxic backlinks. We also create and publish a wide variety of new content for our Volusion clients’ websites, boosting their on-page SEO value with new category and product page content, blog posts and more. We also engage in internal link building and backlinking with a series of press releases, guest posts and other on and off-page content.

Volusion SEO Services

Unlike optimizing an informational site like WordPress, SEO for eCommerce websites can be overwhelming as inventory expands in volume and variety. Volusion eCommerce SEO strategy is carefully implemented to climb rankings in search results and maintain higher positions, and our Volusion SEO services are the best on the market.

On-Page SEO Optimization

With hundreds of Volusion SEO projects on our belt, we know that we’re the best for the job. Volusion has some unique limitations and configurations that make it difficult to navigate an effective SEO campaign. On page optimization for an eCommerce store involves optimizing code, images, meta tags, structure, internal linking, content, and more. With the right Volusion store design, you can soar in rankings.

Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization is critical to your SEO success, and 1Digital® does it better than anyone else. On-page work sets up your site as a competitor, but off-page work is the actual competition. Original content is king, and 1Digital® can do all of the heavy lifting for you. Between link building from top sites to your own social bookmarking, blog sharing, and plenty more, we’ve got the expertise to make your website thrive.

Volusion Speed

If your site doesn’t load quickly, you’ll lose customers. Without testing it out on Google’s Page Speed tool and making sure that it shares high speeds on desktop, tablet, and mobile, you also risk losing sales. Keeping your code clean and built for speed is a surefire way to improve your clientele’s experience and, in return, boost your sales. 1Digital® can help you reach those speeds.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is imperative to gaining better attention from search engines. Your store needs to be adaptive to mobile and tablet screen sizes, and Google will actually give you more points for doing so. Making your Volusion store responsive gives you a clear advantage over the competition and also gets you higher conversions and lower bounce rates due to a better customer experience.

Volusion SEO Experts

Any meaningful progress made with Volusion SEO takes a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. 1Digital® has a vibrant history of success with the platform, and we continue to excel in Volusion SEO every single day. There’s no need to shop around for a digital agency that can help you out with your Volusion store, you’ve found them right here at 1Digital Agency.

Let’s Talk Volusion SEO

Online stores built on Volusion must enlist the services of a reputable Volusion SEO company with strategies and techniques that are effective, scalable and sustainable. Back when Volusion was the key player among eCommerce platforms, black hat SEO techniques were widespread. These resulted in quick, aggressive ranking increases but over time became unsustainable and today these will incur penalties. Duplicate content, keyword stuffing and other such practices were once widespread among Volusion SEO agencies, but today they do more harm than good.

Our Volusion SEO services follow effective best practices and are substantiated by the results of our clients. We’ve always delivered Volusion SEO tactics that result in steady, long-term growth and a better user experience. Our practices have grown with our clients and with the platforms on which they are built, enabling us to cultivate an SEO process that is flexible to the needs of clients in a variety of industries and with diverse target audiences. Search engine optimization is all about organic growth and replicable results. Call one of our Volusion SEO experts today and start pursuing a results-oriented SEO strategy.

Real Clients. Real Results.

HB Sports In 1 year

57% increase in organic traffic
85% increase in organic revenue
21% increase in organic conversion rate
87% increase in organic transactions
76% increase in new organic users
53% increase in organic sessions

H Potter Duration of the campaign compared to the previous year

65% increase in organic traffic
153% increase in organic revenue
134% increase in organic transactions
59% increase in new organic users
19% increase in organic page views per session
69% increase in organic sessions


334% increase in organic traffic
329% increase in new organic users
384% increase in organic sessions
48% increase in organic pages viewed per session
85% increase in organic conversions rate
797% increase in organic transactions
687% increase in organic revenue


106% increase in organic traffic
112% increase in organic new users
60% increase in organic sessions


29% increase in organic traffic
78% increase in organic conversion rate
137% increase in organic transaction 139% increase in organic revenue


116% increase in organic traffic
221% increase in organic conversions


60% increase in organic traffic
124% increase in organic conversions


48% increase in organic traffic
53% increase in organic revenue year over year


206% increase in organic conversions
243% increase in organic revenue


202% increase in organic traffic
72% increase in organic revenue


292% increase in organic traffic
199% increase in organic revenue


41% increase in organic conversions
51% increase in organic revenue


256% increase in organic conversions
270% increase in organic revenue


134% increase in organic conversion rate
108% increase in organic revenue


163% increase in organic conversion rate
150% increase in organic revenue


1,900% increase in organic revenue
1,100% increase in organic sessions


1,350% increase in organic revenue
55% increase in organic users


370% increase in organic sessions
260% increase in organic revenue


547% increase in organic conversions
484% increase in organic revenue


730% increase in organic sessions
400% Increase in organic users


475% increase in organic revenue
40% increase in organic users


185% increase in organic revenue
16% decrease in bounce rate


100% increase in organic traffic
100% decrease in bounce rate


50% increase in organic traffic
30% increase in organic revenue


30% increase in organic revenue
20% increase in organic traffic


15% increase in organic traffic
4 keywords in top 30


25 keywords in top 5 on Google
15% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
10% increase in organic traffic


95% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic traffic


110% increase in organic conversions
25% increase in organic revenue


100% decrease in bounce rate
20% increase in organic conversions


40% increase in organic users
5% decrease in bounce rate


100% decrease in bounce rate
45% increase in organic users


20% increase in organic users
15% decrease in bounce rate


80% increase in organic users
4% decrease in bounce rate


17,610 Conversion Value
10% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


43 keywords in top 10 on Google
20% decrease in bounce rate

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Combining eCommerce SEO and PPC Management to Capture New Business

Combining eCommerce SEO and PPC Management to Capture New Business

Client Requirements

Eloquence, a producer and seller of high-end home furnishings, wanted to complement its organic SEO growth with a paid search strategy to capture additional business.

1Digital® Solution

1Digital® Agency, which had already been managing an eCommerce SEO strategy for the client since early 2020, implemented an eCommerce PPC campaign to produce new streams of business.

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The Art of Writing for SEO

Any good SEO campaign relies on well-written content. After all, if you want Google to rank you well one of the best ways to catch their attention is to provide their users answers to their search queries. Google appreciates fresh content, unique content, and informative content, and they’re willing to give your site higher rankings in exchange for it. Our in-house SEO writers are trained to write the type of blogs, guest posts and item descriptions that attract Google’s attention. Check out some of our samples to see what kind of content you can expect our writers to produce during the course of an SEO campaign.

Differentiating And Writing For SEO Campaigns

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When most people hear about the ocean plastic crisis, they think about hot button topics like the great pacific garbage patch which has received a great deal of publicity over the last ...

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As you can see, each of our SEO content pieces focuses on a particular keyword. These articles are written to demonstrate to Google that your site is a reliable publisher of information about the topics that you want to rank well for. When Google considers you to be a trusted authority on these topics, they feel more comfortable sending their users your way for answers to their search queries. The more unique SEO content you can publish during an SEO campaign, the more trust you’ll build with Google.

Volusion SEO FAQ

Why do I need SEO for my Volusion website?

Anybody can have an online store with Volusion, but that online store won’t get many visitors if it isn’t being seen. What SEO does is increase the awareness of your business and website by building trust with search engines and providing valuable information to users. As this trust builds, your web pages increase in rankings driving more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

How can I build trust with search engines?

Building trust with search engines takes time. Search engine algorithms are developed to offer users the best information based on their search queries. To build trust with search engines, you need to have a fully optimized Volusion website from title tags, page speed, and on-page optimization. Along with the on-site optimization, you also need to start building trusted backlinks with targeted keywords that point back to your website telling search engines that your site has credible information regarding certain products or services.

How do I optimize my website?

There are two things to consider in regards to onsite optimization for Volusion: technical SEO and on-page SEO. Technical SEO for Volusion refers to optimization that customers won’t be able to see such as crawl errors, page speed, mobile-first optimization, adding structured data and more. On-page optimization refers to meta tag titles and descriptions, category and product page descriptions, URL optimization and more.

Why do I need to build backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most important things any online store can create and are typically associated with a target keyword or phrase. Backlinks get inserted into well-written content that is relevant to your business and are associated with specific keywords that you want your website to rank for. Once you have built enough trusted backlinks and start getting recognized by search engine algorithms, your Volusion website pages will slowly but surely start to rise on search engine results pages, which will then make your site more visible and inevitably draw in more traffic.

How do I build backlinks?

The key to building backlinks for your eCommerce Volusion store is to find websites, where you can post your offsite content to, that have a high trust score with search engines. Once you have created a relationship with these sites and they allow you to post your content, then you simply need to create that content. However, it is essential that you also include target keywords into your content which you will use to create a hyperlink that points back to your website.

What is offsite content?

Offsite content is different than onsite content in that the offsite content you produce has the main goal of building links that point back to your website. This content needs to be relevant to your readers, informative and engaging. It needs to include your target keyword a certain number of times based on the length of the piece of content being published and it needs to link back to a relevant page on your website.

How do I know which keywords to target?

Coming up with the right set of keywords is essential to any Volusion SEO campaign. They are the backbone of all of your efforts. To choose the proper keywords, you first need to do a full site audit. In this audit, you will be able to see which keywords you are already ranking for. Next, you’ll want to look at keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Once you’ve gathered this information, you’ll then want to find those keywords that your website will be able to rank for. These are typically long-tail keywords that have a lower search volume but are more easily attainable that more general keywords.

Is there a right time to start SEO?

The best time to start SEO would be before your website goes live on the web. However, we know that for many online stores, this is not a possibility. The good thing about SEO is that no matter when you start, you always have the potential of rising to the top of search engine result pages. So whether you are about to go live with your webstore, haven’t done SEO is many years, or are completely new to SEO, there is never a wrong time to start and there is always the potential to beat out your competitors and become an authority within your industry.

When can I stop SEO?

SEO is a never ending game. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing to offer users better results. It is important to always be on top of your SEO, creating content, optimizing web pages, testing the site speed and more. If you decide to stop SEO, then you risk the chance of losing the rankings you’ve worked so hard to build to your competitors who are continually updating their SEO strategy.

Why 1Digital Agency for your Volusion SEO?

1Digital Agency has been doing SEO for Volusion web stores since our inception in 2012. Not only do we do SEO, but we are skilled in SEO specifically for Volusion. Our technical experts have worked in the back-end and front-end of Volusion websites. They know their way around the platform to get you the SEO results you need. Aside from our technical team, we also have skilled writers that can create the kind of content that keeps users engaged and wanting more.

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